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So I've been working around every possible social experience this past 2 weeks and my projects have taken a back burner. We've been to an Ordination, Graduation, I've M.C'd said Graduation, Long Range Planning meetings, Marineland...and that's just a few highlights of our awesome life!

Here are some of the back burner things, moving to the front burner this week.

This lovely little piece has turned out to be exceptionally cool if I do say so myself. My initial inspiration was a cake plate with ribbon around it. You can see that picture here, at this post.

It's now been spray painted and isn't currently working as a cake plate, it's holding some cool summer scape stuff. Pic soon. The two pieces cost $1.25. Since it's been spray painted I can't put food on it, so once I pick up some doily's I'll be good to go. See that cute table cloth below the glass dish? Major score at the Benevolent Fund Store...$2.99! It's from Spain. Brand new. HELLO!!!

Many projects lie in 1/2 finished states around the house, due to our crazy schedule the past 2 weeks. The ashtray is almost's before as a reminder.

And here's almost done...just needing to be scuffed and tinted. And that plug needs to be pulled!

Some other wonderful finds at the Benevolent Fund Store include these lovelies. Not the clock or coffee maker. See that dark back splash? Not for much longer........swooning for bead board.

The candle holder $0.50 has been glued to the tall glass vase $1.00 and is currently holding sand and shells...very nice.

Not sure if I'm painting that $2.00 cookie jar white yet, or leaving it, I'm loving the yellow centers, not a fan of the green but it might move me a little.

The yellow dish holds my iPod and cords on a shelf in my room and the jug, well, it just makes me happy and sits on the counter. Lurve it!!!

Isn't she cute? It's a dip bowl on the bottom and veggie/fruit platter. I tipped them over and am contemplating gluing them together this way to make a cake plate.

It's flecked with blue so no paint really necessary, but there's a large depression in the top.

It might need an extra plate inserted to hold cakes. Not sure yet...just playing with ideas. Any suggestions?

These are my sweet spray painted babies from a few weeks ago. The tray turned out so great, from an orange rag painted work my mom made me in the '90s to this lovely in white. Can't find the before pic, it's in here somewhere and I'll post it shortly. But quite good! And white dishes are my glued on candle stick bases, glass dish tops, sprayed of course. They are my Anthropologie knockoff bird baths...I think. :) I put mine on a pedestal and am still looking for wee birds to glue on. All in a good thrifters good time! Stay tuned to see these things land in their new homes.
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  1. Looks like fun...enjoy all of your projects :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  2. This is beautiful! Looks like cute fun! Lovely space you got here!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


  3. i love the idea of the cake stand! i'm in need of a dose of thrift store shopping soon!! thanks for visiting!! susan

  4. Lovely finds! I would go for a farm sink in a second too :)


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