Do you speak Sparkle

I have to say that sparkle is my first language. As a girl, and a girlie girl at that, I spoke sparkle from a young age. I dont ever remember not speaking it. Infact, its now my favorite colour too.

And today, I found my kindred spirit in blog land. She speaks sparkle too! Check out my new sister in sparkle @ Suburbs Momma. Oh the joy of a good sparkle and on a shoe no less! Im weeping and plotting how and when I can do this very thing that she teaches over at her blog! Bravo sister Sparkle speaker...BRAVO!!!

Divine! Divine....whats not to love!!!

Kelly Picklar wore a pair of Louis V on Extreme Makeover Home Edition (swoon)

and altho alittle out of my budget, my plan is to make my own. Im heading back over to Suburbs Momma to make my own. Thank you sister sparkle speaker, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Ill post my results when I find them...stay tuned sparkle lovers!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my sparkle shoes on your blog! please share yours, I cant wait to see how they turn out .

  2. Sam, I love love love this. Please let me know when you attempt this and I will bring EJ over with a pair of shoes to be transformed. She will love it :) So girly and glittery :) !!

    To: suburbsmama ... well done. Great Idea !!


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