Getting Inspired

I'm hoping to redo my kitchen this summer with just some paint and handles. But if someone dropped a pile of cash in my lap and all bills were paid and nothing else needed my attention. I'd buy a farmhouse sink.

One like this would about do it! House of Turquoise has so much great eye candy! Go see! Quick. Then come back.....are you back? Wasn't that good?

I'll likely do the under sink skirt thing like Kimberly from Restoration House. Her blog is so lovely and my inspiration comes mostly from what she's done. So brilliant!

This is the dream right here.....ohhhh yeah!

Couldn't you just leap? Swoon even?

But for me and my house, we'll be painting cabinets. They don't know that yet. Oh dear. Check out Houzz for more great kitchen ideas. Great site! Whew...inspiration overload! Where to start? Isn't life so great that there are so many choices?
I'm linking up at A Beach Cottage for Good Life Wednesday!

Late addition: go check out Cappucino Cottage for her most lovely kitchen makeover! So impressive! I'll be posting on hers tomorrow if my computer doesn't short circuit from my drool.


  1. I love the open shelving like that and yes, the sinks are too cool!

  2. Hey when you get that money will you please get me a sink too!!!!

  3. Great sinks, like the last pic!

  4. I'd love a farmhouse sink :) Think I need to save some money, I have a curtained off section of my cupboards , guess I should be happy with this compromise ! Love your blog , have grabbed loads of ideas . Thankyou !!!! xx Ava

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