Cake Plate DIY

Funny story. I run into our local Benevolent store (aka Goodwill, Thrift get the idea) and I have a cloche or cake plate making supplies. I have a very specific plan for this plate. The base has to be a planter type thing that is tighter at the bottom wider at the mouth. The plate has to have a lip. Don't I find both! SO excited. Then I browse and get slightly but happily distracted by this adorable flower dip tray. I run off to get a buggy and bump into my friend. We chat about the project and the guy comes around and says the store is closing. Like now. Stop shopping. I was so flustered I ran to the check out like the obedient child of God that I am (trying hard to be) and leave behind the adorable flower thingy. Which has POTENTIAL. So, off to aquire said item, hopefully it's waiting for me to beautify it. Happy projects make my heart sing. Simple things. Not even sure if I'm keeping these. My mom might end up with a lovely gift. We'll see. Pix to come! Oh...and of course they'll all be spray painted....cause really, what else is there?

Inspiration piece found @ Elizabeth Ann Designs


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