The Ashtray

When I was little, very little, my great grandfather smoked a pipe. It smelled good. Occasionally I smell that from a neighbor and while I know it's not good for him, I am still happily and instantly transported to my childhood. It smells sweet and oddly choking at the same time. Anyone remember the time Cher had a cologne in the 80's? It's something like that.

I have been in possession of the ashtray that my great grandfather used for his smoking purposes, for quite a few years. I'm finally motivated after flipping through so many great blogs to began 'the makeover'. It's actually been a plant stand for years and comes complete with a lovely green glass dish. Today, it's getting the treatment. That's's getting white-ified. Above is a nasty dark teaser shot to get you 'in the mood' for the much brighter after shot likely posted's windy here today and the spray paint isn't spraying in the direction I want it to.


  1. Oh my goodness, my grandma has the same one sitting in her living room hahaha. It's now used to put a cup of coffee on(once used for an ash tray) How funny! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Tanya, I use mine for that exact thing too! :)


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