Home is where our story begins

Our entry way is a wide open space into our small living room/classroom. It opens right on the front door, so if it's a mess, there's no hiding. I try to counter the fact that 'school happens' by keeping a nice front entry table. Here is my before shot.

You can't see the empty wall above the pictures due to my mad editing gifts and talents (that clearly need work).

Here's the un-edited version.You still can't see above the scape. The photo's on the wall are some that I had commissioned by a dear friend of ours. They are of Daisy's from their family cottage. Randy used a Polaroid camera and manipulated the ink with a stylus before it dried. This technique makes them look painted rather than photographed. It's a very very cool look. Not that you can tell here tho. Beneath each picture says the words He loves me (on the first print) He loves me still (second) His Love Endures Forever (third)...it's lightly printed, anyone curious enough about the pictures will find this subtle Witness that no matter how far we go away from Him, he loves us right back to Himself.

I'm adding some Vinyl lettering above this area that says "Home is where our story begins". When I first thought of doing this idea the cost was over $25.00 for the kit. But yesterday while looking for something at the Dollarama I found it! For a whole $1.50!!! So excited! Afters to follow really soon! :)


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