We interupt these 31 Days for an award announcement!

Sweet goodness! I've been awarded. I honestly am so excited. Not to be carried away with my own importance or my own 'I'm all that...' kinda thing, but to know I'm seen. Wow. That's humbling and awe inspiring and sweet and lovely and just wow. So, here I am, staying humble, grateful, and keeping it all still so real.

Kari at A Graceful Life has blessed me with The Versatile Blogger Award.  This award has special meaning to me because it means someone who blogs (and gets it) passes it along to 15 bloggers she enjoys. But it's not a take it, post it, covet it and keep it kind of award. It involves the recipeints and some thought too. I love that.

So here's the 'stuff'.

1. I have to thank and link back to the person who gave it to me (which I did above)
2. I have to share 7 things about my sweet self.
Okay so things you likely don't know about me...hmmm....

1. I home school. Love it, in the last year of it, will miss it to bits when I'm done.Can't even talk about it sadness.

2. I love organizing stuff. To the point that when someone messes it up, I feel like a hole has been ripped through that organizing part of my soul.

3. I want to go to Italy. Alot. I'm not Italian but my hubs is. I love all things Italian. Always have. It's a part of my fabric and I have no idea why.

4. I don't know part of my heritage. That bugs me, but not enough to do anything about it at the moment.

5. I'm a youth speaker and I love it. I speak to parents too, and women. About things like fear (which I'm so over qualified to speak on due to experience in the area :) and parenting and just being a woman of God.

6. I drink coffee. Alot. I love the experience of coffee and the joy of coffee, the smell, the flavor, the moment of the first sip...oh sweet heaven!

7. My cottage isn't a real cottage, it's a home in the burbs that until I actually own a cottage is going to be my cottage and I'll work it until it feels like one. Amen.

There's me. A little raw but keeping it real for ya.

And so now I get to bestow the lovely award on 15 blogs I enjoy. I'm sticking to the folks who don't do it for a living or for reward. Not that those gals are less, because honestly, if it wasn't for them, I would have never even begun. But for me, an award like this is for us, the gals who are just plugging along, working it out, trying a bit of this and that and just living. Cup of coffee by cup of coffee...or what ever your pleasure is. So thanks again Kari I'm deeply honored and moved to be on your list. Wow. Honestly, humbled a whole heck of a lot. Visit Kari's blog...so so sweet, great ideas and talk about keeping it real! LOVE this girl with all the bloggy love I can e-send. Hugs sister!

Please also visit the following blogs that I just adore!

1. The Accent Piece

2. Salvage Savvy

3. Aubrey + Lindsay's Blog

4. Simcoe Street

5. August Fields

6. Two Story Cottage

7. Peak 313 Fitness

8. Daydream Living

9. Restoration House

10. Cozy.Cottage.Cute.

11. Beach Bungalow

12.  Canadian Cottage

13. A Country Farmhouse

14. {freckles chick}

15. An Urban Cottage

So there it is. These are blogs I love amoung a kazillion others too. It's tough to narrow it down. And I know not everyone is a lover of blog awards, so if your on my list and don't want to post up that award, total respect. I get that too. It's all good in other words. Just know, I think you all are rock stars anyway.


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me -- such an honour!
    Loved reading more about you too


  2. Thanks so much! And I love your list! I think we would get along nicely :0



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