31 Days of Cottage Living...Day 4...What Will You Do?

Once you arrive at your destination do you have a routine? We are blessed to enjoy a cottage that my uncle owns. He allows us a week there every summer. Not a guarantee, but a true treasure of family time every single moment we do spend there. It's such a joy.

 When we arrive after our 3 hour drive, we stretch and breathe deep the smells of north country. We listen to silence and smile. It is a beautiful thing to be enveloped by the air up there. Something is very very different about Muskoka.

If we arrive during daylight, we most always head straight to the water...tip toe-ing in ankle deep, crying out like a loon at the crisp coolness of the water, always refreshing always clear and clean.

If the weather is lovely a boat ride usually is the first order of business. Tubing and skiing likely happen after a day of relaxing but a boat ride is always sweet and simple.

Breathing deep the smells of the fresh. Taking in God's beautiful, glorious creation. This is way we travel to Muskoka. Mmmmmm.


  1. Oh how I love love love Muskoka -- your pictures are beautiful. Such an amazing part of the country. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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