31 Days of Cottage Living...Day 5...How do you start your morning up North?

After seeing the beauty of the landscape our appetites kick in high gear. Cottage food. No time table of eating, it just seems like all day food. We wake up, plan breakfast. Clean up, plan lunch. Clean up, plan dinner. Linger late over dinner, clean up, make snacks and start all over again the next morning. What are you favorite cottage meals? Let's start with breakfast!

For me, there has to be coffee....coffee....coffee....
Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and more coffee...and more coffee.... (just kidding, I just really love the coffee experience a whole lot)


Pancakes have to make it on the list at least twice with awesome Canadian Ontario born Maple Syrup....big must!

Some kind of warm yummy is always great when we're up in the fall...mmmmmmm, this makes me hungry.

At some point, we're totally having bacon and eggs. It's happening!

Source: flickr.com via Becky on Pinterest

And then, while I drink in the beauty of the scenery, something like this, I'll enjoy my second cup of coffee. This one I'll savor, just so my day doesn't hurry up and start too soon...


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