31 Days of Cottage Living...Days 19 thru 31...Cottage Living at Home

A small dream, a lovely small dream came true this past week and explains my absence from this project of blogging for 31 days. I don't regret it one wee bit. We had hardwood installed in our living room. Ahh sweet joy. It's a distressed Asian Walnut in Carmel. Just like this one.

Lovely. Now if only the rest of the house looked like this too...but ahh, I'm happy with it. Were getting there moment by moment.

The last flooring I'll even need to install in this space and a joy! Complete joy! :) So so happy. I'm on my way to making my wee abode a cottage style home. My cottage until my cottage dream comes true.

Looking for a new coffee table. I know it's out there...just waiting.

 Transparent and real is what gets me to that place where I can relax on a real level each day. I heard a cool saying a while ago and I think it applies across the board in every area of life. "My family can never compete with the imaginary family I have built in my head." Same goes for our houses, our cars, ect. Have a picture of what your going for, yes, but do so with grace and mercy, or the rest of our lives don't stand a chance. Hang on cottage dwellers, life is sweet and meant for living to the full. Every day.

31 Days....Out.


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