31 Days of Cottage Living Day 2... Let's Pack

Once you have your wonderful lists ready to go, its' time to pack. Do you love amazing luggage? Meeee too! Eye candy anyone?

Once we've packed we'll surely have our destination picked out right? So lets head for the car and off we go! How many days are you planning on being away? I'm thinking 2 weeks for sure, maybe even 31 days!
Did you miss yesterdays post? You can see it right here.
Post a comment and let me know where you Cottage! What lists do you use? Do you have a favorite luggage piece I should know about or do you use plastic bags and duffels? How do you get to where your going? These are things I don't know about from you sweet readers, but I'm interested in hearing from you on how you vacation in Cottage Country! Where is Cottage Country for you? 


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