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So I was shopping on Saturday, purely by chance of course, but always on the lookout for an amazing deal and I find the best store full of awesome and amazing deals called The ReStore. You've likely heard of it. I've never been in. I know, head in the sand moment but it's true. First timer. Found the coolest things in that store, an awesome set of shutters for display somewhere in the home and a big huge ugly old globe light. Why you ask? would I want that old globe? Well, Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff explains how to make really cool orb lights for the garden with them and so I saw and had to buy...besides it was only $5.00. Now to find those Christmas lights. hmmmmm.

Yep...that say's $5.00
There's a hole in my bucket
The beginning of a collection?
On my way to beautiful
 Figured out a cool idea for here
Here are a few of the other amazing deals I found and am working on! The bowl was only $2.00 and the bucket was .50 C but yes Liza, there's a hole in it. Not sure what it was ever for, but it's really neat. In the bucket picture there's an elevated glass plate with a cute candle on it. It's a hollow candle with seashells inside it. I've glued the glass plate to the IKEA candle holder and there you go...all for .75 C can you believe it? You can see the gluing in action in the picture with the globe at the top. Spray painting is underway on several projects...primed at this point...hopefully painted for the spray paint party tomorrow! Happy Day!
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  1. Sam I have an idea for your shutter... I will find the link and post it.


    Don't laugh at the fact that it is Martha Stewart... I was googling organise entryway last week and this came up.

  3. That is awesome, very cool idea! Jules, you should blog have great stories and awesome subject matter! :) Sorry, don't mean to 'should' on you, but girl, you have alot of wisdom! :)

  4. viiting from Rhoda;s we are getting a restore where i live and I am beyond excited about it. you found some really awesome stuff and got all of them for GREAT prices!! way to go.


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