A New Friend

We've been given the gift of life. In a take out tray. Now don't get squeamish yet, it's not what you think. Yesterday our dear friends, blessed us with a painted lady larva. It lives in a take out tray on a soy based meal thing. As it eats it's way through this stuff it will eventually plant itself on the lid and become a 'chrysalis' type thing. From here it will hang for about a week or so and then it will emerge a butterfly. After a day of rest it will be released. Her name is Dani. After the book Danouse. I know this is a painted lady not a monarch and I know that as home schoolers, we study strange and wonderful things. And I even know, that while bringing this larva to it's life in a takeout tray isn't exactly natural, it does allow for a few neat things to happen. The most exciting thing will be, watching and seeing what it takes to transform day to day. Ultimately the becoming of a butterfly is really cool, but the process is the most interesting thing to see. Have you ever transformed? It looks painful sometimes, but the reality is, on the other side, our wings are strong and beautiful.
We're at the larva stage


  1. Thank you for visiting my lil blog. So nice to meet you! Mothering and homeschooling are my true passions. I miss my kids as they flutter from the nest. But I may be homeschooling grandchildren one day. That would be a delight!

  2. Kerrie, I only school one now, my oldest 2 have spread their wings...I hold onto the same hope as you :)


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