A Kitchen to Swoon For

I can't even begin to tell you the depths of swooning I get myself into every time I visit Kimberly's kitchen (and her absolutely lovely inspired blog) at Restoration House.

To say I'm coveting is likely an understatement and while I'm so thrilled for the owners of this kitchen, I find myself reviewing the state of my own and thinking how I actually CAN live without the $40 000 do over and find great satisfaction in what I have.

And isn't that the ultimate? To embrace what is, and make it absolutely stunning? Living in lovely. From this place, I'm more at peace and able to function. To give more of Him and less of me. Thank you Kimberly, for showing me that lovely doesn't have to be wall removing (altho great fun :) and really out of budget. Thank you for inspiring me to really think about how to make what is, exceptional. You have done that well.

My summer project will be just that, to take what is, honor a budget and find lovely right where I am. I can't wait to start! Pix coming swoon!
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  1. That is really beautiful. I agree with you that the best makeovers can happen with a small budget and a lot of contentment. I would love to redo my kitchen sometime....ahhh.

    Stopping by from the newbie party!

  2. Hi Samantha~

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration.I too am dreaming of a kitchen makeover on a budget! Happy to be a new follower & I invite you to link to my K.I.S.S. Blog Bash. :)


    Drop By The Tattered Tag

  3. Hi Samantha! Thanks so much for featuring my kitchen makeover today, so glad to share some inspiration!

  4. That is the beauty of decorating, it can be done a small budget and look like a million bucks. In fact, the summer edition of COuntry woman magazine will show you just how to do that! ( I am featured that is why I can tell you that) Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  5. Hi Samantha...my kitchen publication will not be out until early July. Not sure if you get Country woman there, however, I know you can read it online when it comes out.

  6. Awesome! I'll be watching for it Debbie, and I can always pop over the boarder to pick it up if it's in Buffalo...I live close :)

  7. Beautiful kitchen, filled with wonderful ideas that can be done one at a time in your own home...I love looking at amazing places, way over my budget, and find 1 wonderful thing I can do to add into my decor....have fun planning.


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