Holiday Monday in Canada...What We Did

We enjoyed a day trip on our holiday monday. Yep, up here in Canada we try to have one almost every month. A holiday that is.

 Any hoo...we took advantage of the day, which was really hot and headed out to the beach. Even tho the clouds tried to move in, it remained...HOT~!

For my American friends who don't think it gets hot in Canada, here's the days temperature before humidity is factored in. Nuts!

So off we went down the highway to our destination. Port Dalhousie. We decided to head straight for lunch and wander around after.

Lunch was great. A nice adventure in a cool old building with pretty decent pub style food.

That's what was left of my chicken wrap. I don't eat white flour much so I undo the wrap and eat the insides. Bad blogger tho, no before pic. Sorry :) Anyhooooo.....

Refreshing bevies...guess which one isn't mine :)

Cool beach decor!

Ducks! So cute!

The marina. Lovely boats and other great vessels. Tomorrow I'll share a bit more shananigans we got into. Lets just say it involved a little of this...


  1. Mmmm,...looks wonderful. Making me wish I was there right now!!

  2. I always forget to post the before picture. :) Love your pics, they are so vivid and really draw you in. And love the blog. I am also following you now as well. :)


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