Almost done...then rain

Well, they're not brown any more. But they're not done yet either. It started to drizzle and then today the down pour. So, they'll have to sit and dry out a bit. Thankfully the paint was on long enough to dry before the rain came because there's no room in my garage for them.

So here's where they'll live once I finish the work. You can see the before here.They need to be sanded once and one more good coat of spray paint. And a hit here and there with the sander for a good finish. I'm happy with them. I love the chippy look of the paint. It makes them look weathered and old. Fresh up from some amazing beach!

After uploading and Picnik-ing this picture, I've realized, the one with the scallop-y edge isn't one of the ones I painted. It's one of the originals. The one on the right has been redone and is still needing to be finished. It's sister is way off at the other end of the deck. Usually they have a cute navy bolster pillow on them as well as a cute, to be continued. Almost there! And, my arm...still stiff. Doing some stretches and bought my gizzmo so next project will be injury free!

I'm linking up to Furniture Feature Friday at Miss Mustard Seeds.

On a completely different note, here's what one of my cats does when it's raining out...

She chirps. She chirps at rain drops, at birds, at bugs, squirrels, you name it. She sits in the window and chirps. Makes me smile, every single time.  This is Stella. Actually it's Stella-ella-olla, but we just call her Stella. Unless she's in trouble. The the whole song comes out!

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