Pintrest Learning Curve

Well, I'm learning again and learning that I need to do a better job when using Pintrest photo's. If your visiting here and I've pinned a photo without giving proper credit, my bad. I'm working to fix that. I am determined that from now on, anything I Pin will be properly researched and credited. I learned a huge lesson, hopefully not at anyone's expense, and if I've overstepped, please do let me know and I'll correct it. Check out this awesome and heartfelt article at Allisons Blog  from House of Hepworths. She's had a horrible experience and shares it well. So important to credit original sources. What a lesson. Thanks Allison for sharing this story. It's an important one to read and understand.


  1. Saw your comment on HOH. I have a piece on Copyright on my blog here -

    You don't need to copyright your photos - if you took them - you own the Copyright. I have some further information sources there you might find useful :-)


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