Parsimony at it's finest and where I've been

I think I had bloggy burn out after that 30 days thing so I immersed myself in projects. No pics yet, but coming. The living room floor turned out stellar and that of course turned one thing into another and now I'm looking for furniture. Crazy me, I'm trying to find THE piece at thrift stores. Parsimony. It can really be a hassle sometimes. But...yesterday I hit it!
My friend who is really my angel of decorating finds, called me from the thrift store saying there was a chair. Well. The story behind the chair is that there have been 2 other chairs as well. I'm looking for that perfect 'wing' chair so I can slip cover it all Miss Mustard Seed and Nester style. Before the covers tho, there has to be structure. So I found a very pink, very velvet wanna be, wing chair for $25.00 and brought the thing home. It looks very much like this one. It's not this one, but looks like it. Alot actually. They could be related.

It's got the shape but the pink, oh my name. To quote my friend Donna, I feel like I'm in a lung! It's just that pink. Not to diss pink, it's just not for me. So the hunt began for the slip cover of my dreams. Found it on esty for $500.00. That's not parsimonious. Thot for a milli second about making one. No. Then my angel friend found a chair. She bought it, site unseen by me. It was wrong.

So so wrong. The idea was good, but the execution just didn't work. Picture the above with brown flecks, a slightly lower back and a bit more could have worked but it was too short. Tried to take it back. No. Stuck with it or redonate. Yep, that's what happened. That chair was $35.00...we split the loss.

So this brings us to yesterdays chair. It's green not floral print like the one above, but it pretty much has that shape. A little different arm, but for the most part, similar. It's just the lines I'm looking for. Really the color is more blue green, but it reads green. Which isn't me either but it will work. I already have a green striped wing chair that I actually really like. It's a well made piece and will look fantastic with the proper slip cover. So will my new beauty...but wow...was it a beast first. In the store, I actually looked at it and left it there. It was very dirty, cat hair covered and just gross. And for $40.00 I didn't feel like doing the work. Wouldn't you know that it was 50% off furniture day. But even at $20.00 I walked away. Well that chair dogged me all day and I went back just before closing and it was still there. But the tag was gone so they gave it to me for $10.00!!!!! So last night after
de- furrifying it and after a good vacuum (which produced 5 puzzle pieces and a water bottle and a quarter) I began the shampooing. This morning, it looks a whole lot better but I think one more shampoo will do it. The colour is crisper and a bit more vibrant. The shape is perfect. And my mom and I will try and tackle the slip cover after Christmas.

Source: via Nola on Pinterest

It's gonna be work, but I think we can do it. If not, I'm on the hunt. One day at a time.


  1. Hi Samantha, sounds like you have a thing for these type of chairs. I must say, wing chairs are very attractive. Good luck with recovering. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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