MIA in the Kitchen Update

Kitchen Updates have that little sneaking attack mechanism built into them. They start exciting and end up feeling...well, less that exciting in the doing of them. But, the results kick ya back into high gear. I'm getting there with mine, slowly but surely. I need a little inspiration to restart the engine of enthusiasm. (but Pintrest is being fussy today so I'll post my dreams in a bit.) Until then, here's a reality reminder...ahh, it's coming along.

 (See that gap there between the bead board and counter top? Yah, that's covered now. I trimmed that baby out and wow it looks good! Pix to come)

Oh good, Pintrest is back up....eep!

Yep...here's some inspiration...hold onto the dream!

Don't ya love how open that is? Sigh. Swoon. Drool...okay, sorry, pulling it together here...carry on with regular scheduled post.

Ya, then school started. Yep, school. Home school, High school and College happening all at the beginning of September. Thankfully, I only teach the home schooler, but, the others need me too...my time is not my own. Is it just me or is that generally true of blog moms with teens? So things came to a screeching halt for about a month. Now in the middle of it all, we need new flooring in the living room which is off the kitchen. So two projects. On the go. As we approach Thanksgiving. For my American friends, that's in 2 weeks up here in the great humid North. Eeps. Thankfully, I'm not hosting it this year. Let the destruction begin and be done before Christmas! Amen.


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